Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using electronic mail. Email marketing is employing a service or program that provides the following things.

Providing the potential for an email contact to quickly and successfully be removed from future campaigns should the person no longer wish to participate in your promotions. The means to track the sending of individual email campaigns, at what rates they were opened and which emails were “bounced” as undeliverable to bad addresses. The ability to organize, edit, segment, grow and manage a database of customer or client email contact information. With the help of  email marketing your email is organized and has an appearance that is befitting a company or organization that is professional and you can use custom fields to sort and segment your contact list into smaller lists, you tailor your promotions effectively by demographics. Email marketing is cheaper than traditional mail because there is no postage to buy. If you’ve been on the Internet for some time, you’ve heard about Google Analytics. Even though it seems a bit intimidating to add something like this to your campaigns, you need to do it so you can see what happens after customers click through on a link in your email. With Google Analytics, you can track your subscribers well beyond your email. You can see which pages they visited, what they bought, whether they abandoned their shopping carts or even which pages are causing dead ends on your site. Check your send address frequently. It’s easy to create your campaign, set it up to send, and get caught up in analyzing the data from your returns.

An email archive is more than just a place where your customers can go to view past emails, it’s a static page that anyone can find in a search engine. The key to taking advantage of this is using a one-two punch. Unless you have a very small list or work in a very niche market, chances are your subscribers fall into different categories They may include everyone from people who never open your emails to those who actually click on links and make purchases.